Blister Packaging

Do you want us to package your product? At Biblox, we can heat-seal your product inside or provide you with a standard resealable blister solution.

Resealable blister.

If you need to display your product in a blister pack on a stand and that can be closed again once opened, resealable blister packaging is the best solution. This type of packaging is manufactured with a hinge between the lid and the base so that it can be opened and closed. In addition, it provides a euro-hole to facilitate product display.

More than 80 standard sizes are available.

We work with the following materials:

Heat-sealed blister packaging.

A heat-sealed blister pack is a clear plastic package, which is ideal for in-shop product display. A euro-hole type solution to facilitate your displays. Besides being heat-sealed, this quality makes it a perfect package to protect the product and prevent theft. Blister packs are normally used for small, single-unit products.

We work with the following materials:


Blibool blister packs are a standard packaging solution designed with transparent plastic to accentuate the product inside. They are recognisable by their unique design, a circular shape with a capacity for different units. They are used to highlight a product's value and make it visible on retail counters.

There are 4 different models: Saturn (1.5 L), Pluto (3.85 L) and Uranus (4 L)

We work with the following materials: